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Heather is the owner/designer of The Sassy Mal, which brings you planner covers and dashboards in a wide array of planner sizes and brands. While being the Mother of Malamutes and Queen of the North, she runs on caffeine, chaos, and cuss words… and can always be bribed with a Starbucks card. While The Sassy Mal is primarily a cover and dashboard shop, there are a lot of different planner accessories in the shop: Bookmarks, Snap-in Bookmarks, Die-cuts, and even the return of Stickers!

When did The Sassy Mal open and why was it created?

I opened in 2016 with a full rebranding when I changed over from making primarily stickers, I was branching into new design styles and needed a name that encompassed all that I did rather than one portion. The Sassy Mal started as a way to bring more geeky and unconventional designs to the planner community and basically grew from there. I added on my character Sassy the Mal when I saw a lack in Malamute/Husky planner stickers in the market. I found out that even though I have my Bachelors in English Literature, I needed to be doing something creative with my time rather than stuck in a job that I don’t get to be as creative in.

What is your favorite thing about owning a planner shop?

I love being able to interact with customers on a personal level and the best part is meeting them in person at planner events. The best response I normally get when I talk to someone online or meeting them in person is that they didn’t realize that The Sassy Mal is my shop and that they’re fans or that they’ve bought from me before. I try my best to make sure my shop is known, without being overbearing in advertising.

What is your favorite item in your shop?

That’s a really tough choice to be honest – I try to put a lot of thought and care into my designs so that they’re not just cookie-cutter designs like others use. I am rather partial to my character Sassy the Mal since I have always been on the hunt for dog stickers that looked like my Malamutes (and Huskies) and never found them. I figured I could fill a niche in the planner community with her and she’s been a hit ever since!

What kind of planner do you use and what is your planning style?

Does all of them count? Being a planner shop that caters to accessories means that I need to be on my game when designing for most of the bigger names on the market.
After many years of testing out different planners and systems, I've realized that "planner peace" is ring-bound planners for me. The only size that I do not use or prefer is personal sized binders because of how skinny their size is - I need room to write, doodle, and plan. I do use a couple other planner systems for other projects, like a Happy Planner for memory keeping or a B6 TN for journaling using Limelife inserts.